NEWARK, DE – DRIVING DYNAMICS recently introduced a behind-the-wheel training program for Backing and Parking for utility and service fleets. The program includes online, classroom, and hands-on training for each driver. 

According to the company, more than 1,000 drivers have already been trained within the first three months of introduction.

According to Tom Harley, executive vice president of training services, “This specialty course for service and utility fleets is helping management solve an interesting dilemma related to what is usually perceived by most as a simple driving process. In consulting with service and utility fleets, we became aware that backing and parking is one of their biggest pain points and an inordinate amount of incidents occur here. Multiple stops each day contribute to this factor but fleets are also experiencing a rising severity rate related to these backing and parking incidents. Our immersive instructional design methodology which includes online, classroom and hands-on training for each driver helps them quickly become proficient in safety techniques and hazard recognition to avoid these problems.”

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