Geotab has struck a deal with Ford to provide fleet customers data from Ford vehicles.

Geotab has struck a deal with Ford to provide fleet customers data from Ford vehicles.

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Geotab will begin integrating Ford vehicle data into its telematics platform for its fleet customers under a new partnership, Geotab has announced.

With the move, fleet managers will be able to access data about their Ford vehicles on the MyGeotab platform. Ford Data Services will begin secure data transfers from Ford vehicles with a factory-installed modem to Geotab's cloud-based platform. No additional hardware will be needed.

"The Geotab Integrated Solution for Ford Vehicles will allow fleet managers to benefit from the combination of Geotab's actionable data insights and powerful rules engine with the rich diagnostic data from Ford's factory-fitted modem," said Sherry Calkins, Geotab's vice president of strategic partners. "This means that regardless of whether they are utilizing an embedded or externally installed telematics solution, the entire fleet can be managed from one platform."

The data service will be available for Ford vehicles starting with the 2020 model year.

"Ford Data Services provides the power of choice so businesses can get manufacturer-grade vehicle information from the telematics provider of their choice, such as Geotab," said Michelle Moody, director of Ford Commercial Solutions. "Fleets will be able to access vehicle information such as fuel usage, vehicle health and driver behavior, through the Geotab platform for vehicles with a Ford modem."

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