The CF1 electric Class 4 truck was taken fromd design to prototype in just 10 months, according...

The CF1 electric Class 4 truck was taken fromd design to prototype in just 10 months, according to CityFreighter.

Photo: Steven Martinez

CityFreighter has introduced its first full electric medium-duty truck, the CF1, which the company says was taken from design to prototype in just 10 months.

The Class 4 electric truck features a custom, modular truck with compact design and a low load floor for easy of loading and unloading. The truck has a payload capacity of 2.4 tons and a load floor that is just 17 inches high and features an electric air suspension, avoiding the need for an electric lift system.

The battery electric drivetrain will have a 100-mile plus driving range with a gross vehicle weight rating of 5 tons.

The simple interior features no gauges, with a tablet offering all operation information, and two video screens on the side replacing the mirrors. The truck also features entirely keyless operations.

With the prototype CF1 introduced, CityFreight said that it is ready to scale up and will focus on the U.S. as its first commercial market.

“We want to show our vision how a commercial vehicle for the last mile should be designed,” said Michael Schoening, president CityFreighter. “Beyond just changing the combustion engine, we believe that we need to focus on delivering intelligent and highly customizable solutions for our customers and their challenging markets."

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