Nauto has released its enhances driver coaching dashboard (shown) and introduced a new app for...

Nauto has released its enhances driver coaching dashboard (shown) and introduced a new app for drivers.

Screenshot courtesy of Nauto.

Nauto will offer fleet drivers a new app that should increase transparency and help facilitate coaching, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based fleet safety solutions provider has announced.

Nauto Driver, which will be available later this month as an add-on solution, provides fleet drivers with the same access to high-risk driving events available to a fleet manager. Drivers can view their Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA) scores to see their performance, as a way to create greater awareness around risky driving.

Drivers can view video snippets through the mobile app, which is available in iOS and Android versions.

"Evidence-based coaching is proven to reduce collisions, increase savings and improve road safety,” said Sanket Akerkar, senior vice president of global fleets and insurance. "With the introduction of the Coaching Dashboard and Nauto Driver, we’re now providing fleet safety leaders the most comprehensive set of coaching and self-coaching capabilities on the market."

Nauto has also rolled out an enhanced coaching dashboard, which will be available to customers at no additional charge. The new dashboard uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and review high-risk events to streamline fleet safety operations while maintaining driver privacy, according to the company. The event analysis prioritizes high-risk driving events in real time so fleet managers can review and discuss coachable events with drivers.

Nauto has also updated its VERA scores with a new risk algorithm that's based on analysis and learnings from over 250-million A.I.-processed video miles to provide a more actionable safety metric for effective driver coaching.

Since launching its Nauto Prevent video-based telematics solution, Nauto has seen measureable results from clients such as fleet management company LeasePlan. Nauto's real-time distraction alerts have made drivers more aware of the dangers of distracted driving, and LeasePlan has seen a 70% decrease in distractions since July, according to Nauto.

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