Altec is recalling certain 2003-2019 Altec DL/DM, DL/DMB, and DC Digger Derrick vehicles. An investigation found that the pedestal tube welds may crack over time under severe use or abuse.

The structures are protected by a Hydraulic Overload Protection system (HOP) that is intended to protect the unit from being overloaded. But even with this system in place, the unit can be damaged if the operator does not follow the recommended methods and procedures described in the unit’s manual.

As a remedy, Altec will notify owners, provide repairs as necessary, and install reinforcement plates on all 4 corners for added safety. The recall is expected to begin April 22, 2019. Owners may contact Altec customer service at 1-877-462-5832. Altec’s number for this recall is CSN 713.

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