Despite mixed previews for the sale of new Class 1 through Class 5 trucks, vans, and SUVs for 2019, complete vehicle remanufacturing is anticipated to have a solid year. Buyers are starting to discover reman, which can be a less-expensive alternative to purchasing all-new vehicles, according to Vehicle Reman.

With vehicle remanufacturing, a pickup or other vehicle is disassembled down to the frame. Damaged or worn parts and components are replaced with remanufactured parts certified to original manufacturers specifications. The vehicle is then built again from the frame up. The finished product is a same-as-new vehicle with a three-year warranty.

A typical reman candidate is a truck, SUV, van, or automobile with at least 100,000 miles and seven years in service. Vehicles up to 20 years old can undergo remanufacturing. Vehicle Reman, in particular, specializes in Ford, GM, and Chrysler brand vehicles. And, according to Vehicle Reman, remanufactured fleet vehicles are quieter, ride more smoothly, and can achieve improved fuel economy compared with pre-reman units.

"We expect a good year in 2019," said Greig Latham, founder of Vehicle Reman. "The advantages of vehicle remanufacturing give it strength largely independent of the new-vehicle market. In tight financial times, reman allows fleet owners to get like-new vehicles when purchase of new isn't feasible. In a better economy, reman extends buying power that can be used for fleet expansion. Both scenarios show the strength of reman as a purchase strategy."

Staff Writer

Staff Writer