This month, the State of Maryland’s expanded Move Over law went into effect, requiring drivers to move over a lane when an emergency response vehicle, law enforcement vehicle, or tow truck is parked with lights on or flashing. Now, the law will include transportation, service, and utility vehicles, as well as waste and recycling trucks.

“MDOT SHA is pleased that the Move Over Law now protects MDOT service vehicles and other service and utility vehicles with amber lights,” said MDOT SHA Administrator Gregory Slater. “Safety is our number one priority. Our employees work alongside active roadways, daily and with every glance away from the road, each time a driver reads a text message, answers a phone call, or fails to move over their safety is jeopardized. Please move over to help ensure a safer work environment for our employees.”

According to a release from the Maryland Department of Transportation (DOT), two State Highway Administration employees and one contractor have died as a result of drivers erroneously steering into work areas since 2007.

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