- Screenshot via ABC News.

Screenshot via ABC News.

Humidity can bring on thunderstorms with little or no warning. So now that's it peak summertime, it's a good time to remind your drivers how to stay safe if they find themselves on the road during a potentially hazardous electrical storm.

While cars are designed to divert lighting around the shell of a car and down to the ground, the reality is that vehicles can be stuck and jolted or worse, burst into flames.

Here are some top tips to share with your drivers from experts including the Red Cross:

Listen up. If you hear thunder, lighting is nearby. That means it is time to quickly prepare your strategy.  

Pull over and park safely. If possible, pull over and park on the side of the road or elsewhere until the storm is over. However, avoid parking under trees or electrical wires. In addition, avoid parking near high ground, picnic shelters, dugouts and sheds.

Don't touch anything electrical. Avoid touching the radio, the windows, or anything electrical. In fact, experts say, it is best not to touch anything as these electrical devices can act as conductors and connect you with the outside elements.

Get inside a building. If possible, get out of your vehicle and safely shelter inside a building. 

Properly deal with power lines. If a power line falls across your vehicle, stay in it until professional assistance arrives. If you must get out, jump clear and land on both feet. Don't touch the vehicle when your feet are on the ground.

To learn more and see what happens when a vehicle is struck by lighting, watch a video from ABC News.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet