<p>Photo of Ford Transit Utility exterior courtesy of Spartan Motors.</p>

Spartan Motors will reveal a Ford Transit concept van that has been tailor-made for utility fleets with a more customized cargo area and remote workstation, the vehicle modifier has announced.

The Ford Transit Utility has been produced by Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services and will be shown at the NAFA Institute & Expo in Anaheim, Calif., later this month.

Spartan developed the Ford Transit Utility van "to support high-frequency utility install stops and provides superior fuel efficiency," according to a release from the Charlotte, Mich.-based company.

It will include equipment from Spartan's Utilimaster brand, including storage, work benches, and power sources. The Transit Utility uses a Volta hybrid battery system to provide "maximum worksite power in a small space." The solution can be used to power tools and equipment.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet