Professional truckers face mounting challenges to meet "no idle" and emissions reduction requirements, and at the same time reduce fuel use and operating costs. Rhode Island-based eNow, Inc. believes the secret to meeting these challenges is the power of the sun, a claim they are ready to back up with a warranty. 

"We know that they will find great benefits in running with the sun," said eNow CEO Jeff Flath. 

eNow's proprietary solar systems supply auxiliary power to refrigeration units, cab climate control systems, lift gates, tools, electronics, and safety and emergency lighting. eNow systems are designed for medium and heavy-duty trucks, buses and military vehicles. Paybacks range from 6 to 12 months for various systems. 

"Solar power is a technology with proven benefits whose time has arrived for the trucking industry," said Flath. "We know our systems will save money, and we are willing to back that up with a savings warranty." Under the terms of the limited warranty, eNow will work with a truck owner to estimate first year savings based on the vehicle's operating profile. If the truck is operated according to the profile and estimated savings aren't met, eNow will make up the difference. 

This week the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is sponsoring the Heart of America Trucking Show in Kansas City. At the show eNow will announce its new warranty along with a national Run with the Sun campaign. In addition to the warranty, new customers will be offered a 10 percent discount on two of eNow's solar packages.

 eCharge for HVAC is a No-Idle HVAC unit coupled with a 900/1200 watt solar auxiliary power unit (APU). The system is easily installed and can be sized to support a full No-Idle HVAC load. It's designed to keep HVAC batteries fully charged and offers an attractive alternative to the cost of a high output APU. Demonstrations have shown fuel savings of 2,000 to 2,500 gallons per unit per year and paybacks at less than a year. 

 eCharge for Batteries is a 100 watt power generation and storage unit. It is easily installed and maintains the charge on APU batteries, lift-gate batteries, refrigeration batteries, and extends operating time for auxiliary equipment. The e-Charge battery system not only improves battery life and lengthens delivery cycles every working day, but it also helps to avoid costly road service calls and disruptions in schedule that can affect operations and bottom line. 

The Run with the Sun discount applies to the first 100 units of each system sold, and the warranty applies to all eNow sales. Flath says the warranty and Run with the Sun discount demonstrate his company's faith in their product. He believes that truck owners who recognize the need for lower cost strategies to keep profits up will invest. "We're willing to support truck owners taking the first step, and believe that once they do, they will wish they'd done it sooner." 

To find out more information about eNow, call 1 (866) 571-0175 or email