Accident Reporting App Provides Guide to Drivers

Screenshots courtesy of Accident Plan.

Screenshots courtesy of Accident Plan.

The Accident Plan app is a mobile accident reporting application tool designed for the transportation industry that guides drivers through the accident reporting process while keeping administrators up to date in real time.

The app leads the driver step-by-step through the process and documents vital aspects of the event, assembling it into a comprehensive accident report. The app also features an animated, seven-chapter training video that teaches drivers in advance about proper accident protocol and crash scene conduct.

Accident Plan was designed to give drivers a tool to help them focus on the task at hand and for motor carriers who need to proactively manage their claims. An annual subscription to Accident Plan costs $25 per driver. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Fleetio Launches Vehicle Inspections App

Screenshots courtesy of Fleetio.

Screenshots courtesy of Fleetio.

Fleetio is now offering a Web-based software module that provides an alternative to paper-based vehicle inspections for fleets, the company announced.

The module, which is available using the Fleetio Go mobile app, allows drivers to quickly and accurately complete required inspections and trigger maintenance workflows.

Fleetio allows fleet administrators to choose from preformatted templates (DOT, MOT) or build their own vehicle inspection forms, including customized fields, instructions for drivers, and inspection schedules.

Drivers scan a barcode on their mobile devices to access and perform assigned inspections. If inspection items fail, drivers include details such as photos and comments to offer improved clarity to mechanics and management. Failed items trigger maintenance workflows.

Telogis App Separates Personal Use From Business Mileage

Screenshots courtesy of Telogis.

Screenshots courtesy of Telogis.

Telematics provider Telogis has introduced Logbook, a mobile app that lets drivers track and organize miles driven for personal or business use.

The app is designed to increase the productivity of mobile work forces. It’s been optimized for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Telogis Logbook is an extension of the Telogis Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) software platform, and it was developed specifically for commercial drivers, mobile sales representatives, and supervisors who drive a vehicle for both personal and business use.

Logbook uses Apple’s Touch ID and simplifies authentication, tracking, and mileage designation, according to the company.

Drivers and field reps can view their recorded miles and classify their completed trips by swiping one way or the other on their mobile devices. Full integration with vehicle telematics ensures the most accurate and complete mileage records so organizations can confidently claim tax deductions and gain more insight into their professional fleets.

Through the platform, supervisors can identify classified miles, assign unclassified trips to individual drivers, and generate personal-versus-business mileage summaries within detailed reports.

WEX App Provides Access to Driver Fuel Accounts

Screenshot courtesy of WEX Inc.

Screenshot courtesy of WEX Inc.

WEX Inc. has launched Fleet SmartHub, an app designed to give fleets mobile access to their drivers’ fuel accounts to help improve business efficiencies, reduce late fees, gain operational insights, and control unauthorized driver spending, according to the company.

The app is designed to meet the needs of smaller fleets, said Peggy Watson, WEX’s vice president of product management for the North American Fleet Division. Watson noted that smaller fleet or business managers are often in the field and need a means to pay fuel bills and monitor driver transactions while away from their desks.

The finished product reflects the input of WEX customers, who were consulted during development, with a number of real-time, customer-driven features designed to give fleet and business managers access in the field, including view and make bill payments; see all available billed and unbilled credit; access purchase transaction details; re-issue, terminate, and check the status of fleet driver fuel cards; and monitor all payment activities.

SmartHub is available for free to WEX customers for use on iPhone and Android smartphones, and it can be downloaded from the Apple or Android app stores.