Versalift is increasing production of its bucket trucks, digger derricks, and cable placers to meet the demand of those at-risk communities in the United States, Puerto Rico, and neighboring Caribbean Islands that were hardest hit by hurricanes and, more recently, wildfires.

Hurricane season always means high demand for bucket trucks. But this year was exceptionally challenging, with storms and fires hitting multiple population centers, and the desperate need to restore power continuing to grow.

In September 2017 the company launched Versalift Response, a program designed to support its customers in their efforts to reach out to those communities most in need, providing deals through its subsidiary on current ready-to-go inventory, special leases from the new Versalift Capital Program, and quick and proprietary access to rental fleets.

Manufacturing and support services are benefiting from recent management changes, which have been focused on improving First Time Quality and unit production speed, across the board. With new facility improvements and adjustments to the just-in-time manufacturing process, Versalift’s Waco, Texas location has been able to meet new demand for trouble trucks, digger derricks, and cable placer units.

When non-stop bad weather conditions and other dangerous natural phenomena disable electric power infrastructure, there are rarely enough trained technicians (in the industry, they are known as linemen) available to do the work of restoring it. Through website, the company offers online and in-person training programs that meet ANSI and OSHA guidelines for every product line it sells. This means that as Versalift customers hire new staff and buy more equipment to meet needs, they have the tools in place to properly ensure that their staff is trained to safely operate any Versalift bucket truck they purchase.

Versalift’s bucket truck rental subsidiary, TRL Rents, currently has units available in 15 locations around the country.  The TRL rental fleet is currently at 95% utilization, because the most powerful units are already working non-stop to restore power in affected areas.