Blackeagle Energy Services, a service provider in the utility and energy industries, achieved a safety-performance milestone when it recently exceeded 2.5 million man hours without a lost time incident.

"At Blackeagle, it is an expectation to work safely," said Mike Walker, safety manager for Blackeagle. "Working 2.5 million man hours without an injury serious enough for our workers to lose time from the job demonstrates our continuous and daily commitment to operating at the highest standards. Our employees are creating a sustainable safety culture by utilizing safety processes and tools, planning work efficiently, taking ownership, and correcting unsafe conditions." 

The energy industry has received a high amount of scrutiny around safety, especially in pipeline construction.  Blackeagle's ability to work safely and without incident on high-profile pipeline projects has been a tremendous value to customers. 

"Our peers in this industry average 3.3 lost days per 100 workers per year to injury," Walker said. "Our ability to perform among the top companies puts Blackeagle at world-class safety performance, which really matters when working around the public."