In an effort to increase safety along its power lines, FirstEnergy showcased an aerial saw that it uses to trim trees. The demonstration took place near Walton, Ohio.

The aerial saw service, completed by Aerial Solutions, uses a saw suspended from a helicopter. According to the company, the saw’s 10 25-inch blades are powered by a self-contained gasoline engine that is suspended below the aircraft. The helicopter moves at about 3 mph and can fly for 1.5 hours with a half hour of safety reserve fuel remaining.

Tree trimming was completed faster with the aerial saw than with traditional methods, covering 10-12 miles per week compared to for a mile per week for a crew using a bucket truck. It also increases safety, as workers are no longer climbing in trees or in contact with the saws, and allows the utility to reach hilly areas that were difficult to access from ground crews.

View the aerial saw in action below.