Logo: Hino

Logo: Hino

Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. has appointed a new management team that includes a chairman, president, and two executive vice presidents that places emphasis on North American expertise, according to the truck maker.

Appointed to chairman, Yoshinori Noguchi is also president and CEO of Hino Motors Sales, Inc. (dba Hino Trucks, Hino Motors Manufacturing sister company in the USA). He joined Hino in 1977 and has held various domestic and overseas assignments in his 39-year career with the company. He has served in the U.S. since 2013.

Appointed to president, Takashi Ono succeeds Kazuhiro Somiya. Ono is a veteran of the automotive industry and has held a number of domestic and international leadership positions over his 35-year career at Toyota Motor Corporation. Most recently, Ono served as Senior General Manager of Hino Motors Ltd.

Appointed to executive vice president, Davey Jung has held numerous roles at Hino Motors Manufacturing Michigan offices throughout the last decade, most recently as SVP for purchasing, sales, R&D, and corporate strategy. Previously, during a 13-year period at Dana Incorporated in Ohio, Jung held positions including chief engineer and director of sales.

Appointed to executive vice president, North American vehicle production, Kenji Nomura will oversee North American vehicle production and sales, R&D, and quality assurance in addition to other focused executive management responsibilities.

Originally posted on Trucking Info