Photo courtesy of DHL Express.

Photo courtesy of DHL Express.

Nine DHL Express drivers will compete in a freeway and street driving competition in Dallas on Oct. 19 as the final part of a six-month safe-driving competition designed by the delivery fleet to encourage safer driving.

The Safe-Driving Rodeo Competition provided a comprehensive head-to-head driving safety event that began in April and put 180 of its U.S. couriers to the test for 112 workdays to promote the company's safety culture.

The competition comes to a close Oct. 19, as nine finalists compete in city and street driving, as well as written tests. There will also be a vehicle safety inspection. The events will be judged by Smith System, an Arlington, Texas provider of collision avoidance driver training.

The final winner will be given a $5,000 cash prize.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet