International Truck will now offer IMMI’s RollTek seat with side-roll protection as an option for on-highway ProStar trucks, the company announced.

The RollTek safety system combines seat belt technology and side airbag protection to reduce the potential for death or serious injury in a rollover.

“Our commitment to incorporating the most advanced collision mitigation technology systems has demonstrated the potential to make a real difference in improving driver safety,” said Bill Kozek, president, truck and parts. “Incorporating the advanced RollTek protection system into our heavy truck portfolio is a reflection of our listening to our customers and providing them with an option when a collision is unavoidable.”

The system uses a sensor located behind the seat that monitors the angular position of the vehicle and activates when it detects an imminent rollover. When RollTek is activated, the system deploys side-roll airbags, tightens the seat belt and lowers the seat to reduce injury risk.

“Today’s trucking companies are increasingly looking for smart technologies that can deliver an added margin of safety and productivity,” said Steve Gilligan, vice president, product marketing. “The RollTek safety system provides best-in-class protection that contributes to drivers’ safety and peace of mind.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info