Motion Industries, a distributor of industrial maintenance, repair, and operation replacement parts, announced several key changes as part of the company's organizational structure alignment, according to Motion Industries' President and CEO, Tim Breen. The changes were effective as of January 1, 2016.

"After careful review and consideration, we have identified several areas of strength to leverage," said Mr. Breen. "I feel these changes will better prepare us for the opportunities and challenges ahead."

Randy Breaux assumed the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing, Distribution and Purchasing. In this new role, Mr. Breaux will retain current responsibility for Marketing and Strategic Planning, but gain overall responsibility for the additional areas as above. Mr. Breaux joined Motion Industries in 2011 as Senior Vice President, Marketing after 20+ successful years at Baldor Electric Co. In 2014, he was promoted to his most recent position of Senior Vice President, Southern U.S., Marketing and Strategic Planning. 

Tony Cefalu was named Senior Vice President of Hose & Rubber, Shops and Service Centers. In this new position, Mr. Cefalu will continue to lead Motion's efforts for hose, rubber, and gaskets, and now has the added responsibility for Shops and Service Centers including Automation, Fluid Power, Pumps and Repair. Mr. Cefalu started his career with the Berry Bearing Company in 1983, which became part of Motion Industries in 1993. He held positions of Manager of Hose and Rubber, Regional Manager, Vice President/General Manager of the Chicago Division, and Group Vice President of Mi Hose & Rubber, and Senior Vice President/Group Executive for the Central Group and Mi Hose & Rubber. In 2014, Mr. Cefalu was promoted to his previous position of Senior Vice President, Eastern U.S. and Mi Hose & Rubber. 

Kevin Storer was named Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations, President of Mi Mexico. Mr. Storer’s new role will expand to include all U.S. branch and field sales operations. He will continue to have complete responsibility for Motion’s Mexico operations.  Mr. Storer began his career with Motion Industries in the West Group in 1987, and was a Branch Manager and Regional Manager prior to becoming Vice President/General Manager of Motion’s Los Angeles Division in 2000. In 2006, he was promoted to Senior Vice President/Group Executive for the West Group, and in 2014, to his most recent position as Senior Vice President, Western U.S. and President of Mi Mexico.

Motion Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company.