A worker in Melbourne, Fla., died March 19 in a tragic on-the-job-accident after being electrocuted and then struck by two motorcyclists.

According to a release from the Melbourne Police Department, the worker had been operating a large utilities truck while conducting the cleaning of storm drains along the northbound lanes of S Harbor City Blvd. As the driver drove northbound, the large boom on the top of the truck struck overhead power lines, causing them to break away from the poles. The downed power lines then fell across both lanes of S Harbor City Blvd. The driver of the truck then exited the vehicle and attempted to pick up the energized lines without safety gear. The driver was immediately electrocuted and propelled across the roadway into oncoming southbound traffic, where he was then struck by two passing Harley Davidson motorcycles. The drivers were identified by the police department as Robert Vipperman III, 48, and John Wallace, 47.

The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene and the cause of death is undetermined at this time. Both Vipperman and Wallace were treated at Holmes Regional Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.

The utility worker’s name has not yet been released. The Melbourne Police Department is currently investigating the incident.