Freightliner Trucks has announced that a between-the-rails fuel tank is available as an option for its Freightliner M2 106 vehicles.

Ideal for ambulance configurations, the new option places a 40-gallon steel fuel tank between the rails at the end of the frame. This allows emergency trucks to have more packaging options such as increased diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) capacity and additional batteries while still maintaining a clear back of cab.
The between-the-rails position also enhances vehicle stability with weight distribution in the rear, resulting in a smoother ride and improved overall vehicle driving dynamics.

“We understand ambulance operators require specific configurations that provide safety, quick response times, and the ability to spec and run a variety of special equipment,” said Mary Aufdemberg, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “Our between-the-rails fuel tank provides first responders with a new option that will ultimately benefit vehicle performance and overall operations.”

The M2 106 has a number of features ideal for the fire and emergency truck market, such as excellent visibility and maneuverability, and can be spec’d with additional fire and emergency options, including SCBA provisions, NFPA vehicle data recorders and seatbelt displays, and a variety of chrome and bright finish exterior options, according to the company.