When it comes to electric vehicles, Florida Power & Light (FPL) doesn’t just promote these alternatives to conventional gasoline and diesel to its customers – it also demonstrates its commitment through its own fleet.

As one of the largest electric fleets in the country, FPL currently operates more than 620 vehicles that are electric-gas hybrids, plug-in hybrids, or all-electric, including Toyota Prius hybrids.

FPL is also one of the Top 300 commercial fleets, ranking No. 177 with more than 1,700 total vehicles reported in 2013.

FPL recently announced that by 2020, it aims to purchase only hybrids or electric vehicles when commercially viable. By 2030, FPL wants plug-ins to make up 9 percent of all cars and trucks in its service area.

One of the major benefits FPL has realized using these electric models has been fuel reduction. Fuel savings from its current investment are significant. FPL estimates it cut fuel purchases by 295,000 gallons in 2012.

This purchasing decision to be running an all-electric or hybrid-based fleet within 10 years was so significant that Claude Masters, CAFM, FPL's manager of vehicle acquisition and fuel, recently held a briefing for the Miami Herald to share the news.