CenterPoint Energy currently operates 1,332 alternative-fuel models in its 4,885-unit fleet. ( Photo courtesy of CenterPoint Energy )

CenterPoint Energy currently operates 1,332 alternative-fuel models in its 4,885-unit fleet. (Photo courtesy of CenterPoint Energy

Natural gas is taking center stage this year in CenterPoint Energy’s fleet, as the utility has placed much emphasis on even more compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles and infrastructure.

Headquartered in Houston, the utility company announced in June the addition of 35 natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to be deployed in its operations across Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Additionally, the company expects to provide natural gas services to at least 17 new CNG fueling stations built in the company’s service territory. The expected 2013 additions will bring the number of natural gas fueling stations in CenterPoint Energy’s service territory to at least 49, with the majority located in Texas, Oklahoma, and Minnesota.

CenterPoint Energy’s 4,885-unit fleet is comprised of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles. Light-duty models make up the majority of the fleet, with cars, trucks, SUVs and vans 8,500 lbs. and under totaling 3,421. The medium- and heavy-duty side includes 1,464 vehicles, ranging from ¾-ton trucks to crew trucks over 31,000 lbs.

The utility reported that its alternative-fuel vehicle count is currently at 1,332 ― 1,271 vehicles are flexible fuel (capable of running on either unleaded fuel or E-85), eight are electric hybrids, and 53 are CNG conversions. These alt-fuel models are used for supervisors, marketing personnel, and as service trucks. 

In addition to what is already in service, CenterPoint said it is adding approximately 24 more CNG vehicles to the fleet this year, as well as more than 60 flexible fuel vehicles.

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