Beach image with Fleet Forward: The Tour: Los Angeles, California.

Fleet Forward: The Tour West Coast takes place June 12 in Los Angeles. 

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Have you registered for the Fleet Forward The Tour: West Coast stop? Held in conjunction with NAFA - the Fleet Management Association - the no-cost June 12 Tour stop agenda includes seminars, tabletop exhibits, networking, lunch, and a vehicle ride-and-drive. 

An offshoot of the larger Fleet Forward Conference, Fleet Forward - the Tour consists of one-day regional events to help fleets manage the transition to electric vehicles and understand other new technologies. This year, the Tour consists of a West and East Coast event. 

The second Tour stop will take place in Somerset, N.J., on Sept. 10.

Port of Los Angeles Agenda

What will fleets take away at Fleet Forward the Tour-Port of Los Angeles?

  • Regulations and incentives deep dive
  • Alternative ways to fund infrastructure and save capital
  • Insights into infrastructure buildout and equipment timelines
  • Connections to EV fleet practitioners
  • Behind-the-wheel EV education

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Top Sessions for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Fleets

Join the Fleet Forward: the Tour seminar to get help electrifying your medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles, figuring out infrastructure, and forming partnerships. This is especially important for California fleets due to regulations such as CARB's Advanced Clean Fleets rule.

Integrating heavy-duty zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) into a fleet can be daunting, requiring significant power, advanced infrastructure, and internal and external partners. 

During the seminar, an expert will address questions about microgrids, charging infrastructure planning, and managing electricity as a fuel. David Renschler, Fairfield's public works fleet division manager and lead consultant for EVSE Answers LLC, will share his insights on medium—and heavy-duty ZEVs in fleets. 

Renschler has over 30 years of experience in the fleet industry, most of which have been in government service, and currently oversees a team responsible for maintaining around 700 units in the city's fleet.

Interested in adding zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) to your fleet in California but don’t know how to navigate the rebates and incentives? Join the Fleet Forward: the Tour seminar to get help taking action now, not missing crucial deadlines, or leaving money on the table.

To motivate sales of ZEVs in California, fleets have access to substantial rebates and incentives that can finance the initial cost of the ZEV by 15% to 90%. However, navigating the grant process can be complicated for the uninitiated, as qualifications depend on duty type, vehicle/weight class, fleet size, organization type, location, and more.

During this seminar, two experts can help attendees with questions such as: What rebates are stackable? When do they expire? How do I reinvest the money saved in my fleet?

Lisa McGhee, manager of Tom’s Truck Center's ZEV programs and affairs, will share her insights on ZEVs in fleets. At her company, she is responsible for new ZEV business opportunities, expanding the ZEV technology programs, and advocating for ZEV policies and affairs.

Maria Neve, vice president of eFMC services at Inspiration Mobility, helps fleets transition to electrification with solutions such as charging-as-a-service and at-home charging.

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