A Blue Arc EV van on a road with FedEx and Blue Arc EV logos

FedEx conducted a real-life test of the vehicle by using it on last-mile delivery routes in Memphis to ensure the vehicle would meet its real-world needs. 

Photo: Blue Arc | Work Truck

The Shyft Group, Inc., a manufacturer, assembler, and upfitter of specialty vehicles in North America, announced that it has received a purchase order from FedEx for an initial order of 150 Blue Arc EVs. 

The electric fleet vehicles will be integrated into FedEx's pickup and delivery fleet in the United States. This order signifies the joint commitment of both organizations to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution by adopting commercial-grade electric vehicles (EVs).

Blue Arc expects to deliver the new units beginning in late 2024.

Why Did FedEx Choose Shyft Blue Arc EVs? 

FedEx conducted a real-life test of the electric vehicle by using it on last-mile delivery routes in Memphis. During the test, the Blue Arc truck operated on 8-10 hour routes under challenging conditions, including temperatures ranging from 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. 

"As we work towards the phased electrification of our entire global pickup and delivery fleet by 2040, FedEx is eager to incorporate new and efficient electric vehicle models that meet the demands of our diverse network. We look forward to bringing the Blue Arc into our growing portfolio of electric vehicles in service around the world," said Pat Donlon, vice president of Global Vehicles at FedEx Express.

The Blue Arc EV is designed for seamless fleet integration, and it has proved reliable on long routes, efficient in energy use, and able to regenerate 20-30 kW of power through its regenerative braking system, according to the manufacturer. Such features underscore the vehicle's readiness for real-world commercial applications, with drivers highlighting its ease of maneuverability and overall comfort compared to conventional gas vehicles.

John Dunn, president and CEO of the Shyft Group, said, "Our collaboration with FedEx has been instrumental in refining our strategy for meeting commercial-grade EV fleet needs. Customer satisfaction is core to our operations and we look forward to seeing these vehicles on the road for FedEx, reflecting our mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability."

After signing with Rush for Blue Arc sales and service in October 2024, the Shyft Group was also named a Ford Pro Upfitter, further showcasing its dedication to commercial fleets. 

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