Ford Pro announced its fleet order banks are open along with other new updates. - Photo: Ford Pro

Ford Pro announced its fleet order banks are open along with other new updates.

Photo: Ford Pro

Ford Pro announced that 2024 model-year Ford F-150 Lightning PRO fleet order banks are officially open. Plus, the company offers other features to manage range, including Pre-Conditioning and Intelligent Range.

Ford’s Vapor Injection Heat Pump, designed to “turbocharge” the refrigerant system to help improve heat transfer capability and reduce power consumption will be available on all 2024 Lightning PRO trims.

Ford’s patented heat pump system uses vapor injection in both heating and cooling modes to help optimize system performance in various ambient temperatures which helps deliver an EPA-estimated range of 240 miles on a standard battery.

Improved Charging Features

Ford Pro also reported that 2024 F-150 Lightning will have a new on-board charging configuration.

Extended-range Lightning with a single onboard charger now comes with a 11.5kW onboard charger standard.

A fleet-only option is available to increase onboard charger capacity to 19.2 kW.

Both new offerings — in addition to Ford Pro’s telematics software, charging solutions, and fleet financing solutions — are designed to help fleet managers transition fleets to EVs, accelerate productivity, and reduce total cost of ownership.

According to Ford Pro, scheduled maintenance costs for Ford F-150 Lightning are estimated to be more than 40% less than the average scheduled maintenance costs for a gas-powered F-150 over five years/75,000.

In addition, data is showing that maintenance costs for the electric version are almost half of its ICE counterpart. Estimated average maintenance costs per gasoline model of the Ford F-150 hit $1,499, while estimated average maintenance costs for Lightning are only $813.40.

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