Missed the latest EV news? We've got you covered. - Photo: Work Truck

Missed the latest EV news? We've got you covered.

Photo: Work Truck

The industry is alive with advancements in electric vehicles (EVs), as businesses embrace environmentally conscious options to reduce their environmental impact.

This field is undergoing rapid change, defined by state-of-the-art EV technologies and substantial advancements in charging infrastructure.

Keep yourself up to date with the latest developments in EVs within the work truck industry. We have compiled the most recent news concerning EVs in the work truck sector as of August 29, 2023.

Top Electric Work Truck News

Feel like there is EV news every day? We’ve got you covered on the top items you might have missed.

Orange County Electric Refuse Collection Truck

Peterbilt has introduced the emission-free Model 520EV to Republic Services, marking the debut of an electric collection vehicle in the company's California fleet and a pioneering occurrence in Orange County.

This automated side-loader truck is set to manage recycling and waste collection duties for the City of Santa Ana, California.

Harrah’s Resort & Casino Goes Electric

Mullen Automotive has unveiled a pilot initiative involving its Mullen ONE Class 1 EV Cargo Vans and Mullen CAMPUS Delivery Utility Vehicles.

This program is in partnership with the Shoshoni Native American Tribe from Northern California and Nevada and is designed to support Nations Distribution, situated on the premises of Harrah's Northern California Resort & Casino.

Under this arrangement, Mullen and the Shoshoni tribe will collaboratively assess the performance of the Mullen Class 1 cargo vans and campus EVs across various scenarios integral to Harrah's day-to-day operations.

The joint effort between Mullen and the Shoshoni tribe marks a stride toward a more environmentally friendly future and is an exemplar for other institutions and communities to emulate.

EVgo & GM Surpass 1,000 Fast-Charging Stalls

Through their collaborative efforts to enhance fast-charging infrastructure, EVgo and General Motors have achieved a significant milestone by exceeding 1,000 fast-charging stalls.

Originally introduced in 2020 and subsequently expanded in 2021, this partnership is dedicated to establishing and deploying 3,250 DC fast-charging stalls across prominent metropolitan areas.

Motiv Power Systems Launches Electric Truck

Motiv Power Systems has introduced the innovative Argo Series electric truck, featuring the pioneering medium-duty EV cab.

Crafted to accommodate a wide array of medium-duty applications spanning Class 4-6 vehicles, such as box trucks, step vans, shuttle buses, refrigerated transports, vocational vehicles, and specialized variants, the Argo Series is constructed atop Motiv's cutting-edge powertrain. This includes industry-leading torque capabilities and a 150-200 mile range LFP battery.

Motiv's objective with the Argo Series is to fulfill California's Advanced Clean Fleet Rule, which requires approximately 20,000 novel zero-emission medium-duty EVs to be operational by the conclusion of 2024.

Ford Partners on Major EV Investment

SK On, EcoProBM, and Ford have unveiled a significant investment amounting to C$1.2 billion, designated for establishing a cutting-edge cathode manufacturing facility.

This facility will serve as a key supplier of batteries for Ford's upcoming electric vehicle lineup, including the highly anticipated Ford F-150 Lightning.

This collaborative initiative is geared toward the large-scale production of electric vehicles, with a dual focus on optimizing their performance and extending their operational range.

Anticipated to kick off production during the first half of 2026, the facility has the capacity to craft up to 45,000 tonnes of cathode active materials annually. These materials are pivotal in enhancing the efficiency of batteries, showcasing the commitment to advancing electric vehicle technology.



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