Georgia Power will allow 96 vehicles to be plugged in on the Marine Corps Logistics Base. - Photo: MCLB/Work Truck

Georgia Power will allow 96 vehicles to be plugged in on the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

Photo: MCLB/Work Truck

Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany has partnered with Georgia Power to install 21 charging stations at nine locations across the base, allowing up to 96 vehicles to be plugged in on the base simultaneously.

The project has been initiated and is expected to be complete by fall. 

Georgia Power was awarded the electric vehicle supply equipment solution using the General Services Administration Areawide Contract (AWC).

The project will be a model for the Department of Defense to use nationwide in partnering with a local utility like Georgia Power to design, construct, own, operate, and maintain EVSE.

It is also the first time the AWC will be used to provide a holistic and scalable EVSE solution to support both current and future electrification requirements.

AWC Partnership Accelerates MCLB Albany's Transition to Electric Fleet

The AWC (Alliance with Customers) program has brought together regulated servicing utility companies and Federal agencies to address utility service needs within the supplier's franchise territory for a period of up to 10 years.

This public-private partnership has enabled MCLB Albany to leverage the "Make Ready" program, fast-tracking their plans and optimizing the Government's investment.

Under the Make Ready program, Georgia Power owns, installs, and maintains the electrical infrastructure leading up to the chargers themselves.

This initiative is available to all business customers, helping to eliminate potential financial obstacles in their transition to electric transportation.

As a result of this successful collaboration and project, MCLB Albany is now in a prime position to meet the zero-emission fleet goal outlined in the Biden Administration's Executive Order 14057.

Joining Efforts to Advancing Energy Efficiency

The EV charging project at MCLB Albany represents another milestone in the ongoing partnership between the base and Georgia Power, showcasing their joint efforts in advancing energy efficiency and modernization.

The base has received national recognition for its dedication to these initiatives.

This project is just one example of several underway throughout the Southeast, demonstrating Southern Company's commitment and ability to collaborate with DoD installations in delivering sustainable, resilient, and energy-efficient solutions.

It aligns with Southern's broader commitment to partnering with the federal government to achieve mutual goals of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and grid decarbonization, benefiting both the customers and communities Southern Company serves.

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