VNG has entered into new agreements with several natural gas suppliers.

VNG has entered into new agreements with several natural gas suppliers.

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Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) has a continued commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the natural gas value chain.

As a result, it announced it will increase the amount of its natural gas supply that is procured, transported, or delivered by companies committed to lowering methane emissions — VNG refers to this natural gas as "Next Generation Natural Gas."

VNG has entered into new agreements with several natural gas suppliers, resulting in up to one-third of its customers' annual demand as of November 1 being supplied with "Next Generation Natural Gas." 

"Virginia Natural Gas is a leader in the industry for these types of transactions," said Robert Duvall, VNG president. "Our customers can have confidence knowing our team is focused on supplying natural gas to make certain our region's energy is safe, reliable, economical and lower carbon.

This transaction demonstrates our strong relationship with energy companies focused on reducing methane emissions efficiently and effectively during the production cycle."

Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Since October 2019, VNG has procured natural gas that has been certified to have been produced with lower greenhouse gas emissions as part of its broader commitment to seek gas supply that has been sourced, transported, and distributed by companies that have pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to less than 1% across the natural gas value chain. 

"Natural gas is foundational to a low carbon future and critical as more clean energy solutions are developed," added Duvall.

"Virginia Natural Gas is a strong advocate for the development of collaborative efforts that support reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with natural gas and the infrastructure that transports it, making a 'wellhead to burner tip' supply chain of increasingly lower-emission natural gas for customers."

VNG has entered its first certified natural gas transaction with bp, a leading natural gas marketer in the US, for natural gas combined with a MiQ methane emissions performance certificate. Beginning in 2023, the certificates that are combined with the natural gas purchased as part of the bp — VNG agreement will be sourced from 70 onshore wells located in bp's Haynesville basin in Louisiana. 

The certificates have been independently certified by MiQ, a globally recognized, non-profit natural gas certification entity under the MiQ Standard for Methane Emissions Performance. 

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