Significant product enhancements support the synergy of fleet and field service management.

Significant product enhancements support the synergy of fleet and field service management.

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Field service management software solutions GPS Insight announced enhancements to its integrated Field Service Management (FSM) suite.

The enhancements aim to improve fleet and field service companies in seamlessly managing mobile assets and mobile workforces together.

GPS Insight laid the foundation for its integrated Field Service Management solution with the 2020 acquisition of ServiceBridge and the 2021 acquisition of FieldAware.

Just recently, GPS Insight also acquired Certified Tracking Solutions, a leader in fleet and field services specializing in document digitization.

"By acquiring existing best-in-class field service solutions and integrating them with our GPS fleet management technology, we're able to bring better visibility and efficiency for our customers to save them time and money," said Shay Demmons, Chief Product Officer of GPS Insight.

"We've created a powerful roadmap that empowers our end-users while boosting our return on investment for both platforms. In short, GPS Insight is bringing fleet and field together like never before," Demmons added.

Alignment Among Fleet and Field

The Field Service Management suite is being tailored to integrate with GPS Insight fleet management, empowering business leaders to ensure alignment among workers across both fleet and field.

Significant product enhancements that support the synergy of fleet and field service management include:

  • An app switcher to toggle between fleet and field applications.
  • The ability to schedule jobs based on technician working hours, skills, permits, etc.
  • Long cycle crew work such as multi-visit jobs; a live map for a "command center" view of field operations.
  • Timesheets showing jobs performed, hours worked, hours traveled, and overtime earned.
  • A rich ecosystem of integrations with best-in-class ERP and accounting applications.

In addition to significant product updates across the Field Service Management Suite, FieldAware for Mid-Enterprise is featuring a facelift, modernizing the web app to follow best-in-class practices for displaying menus and options, refreshing web and mobile app branding to align with parent GPS Insight's robust fleet and field portfolio, and paving the way for the future of fleet and field.

"Effective field service management software is transforming industries, reducing errors and redundant tasks, and giving fleet managers, field technicians, and back-office operations peace of mind," added Demmons.

"Companies of all sizes now see the value in digitizing operations to keep up with the competition, as well as the leap in efficiency that creates a better customer experience and boosts retention."

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