For over 30 years Paper Transport has been providing asset and non-asset multi-modal freight...

For over 30 years Paper Transport has been providing asset and non-asset multi-modal freight hauling and shipping solutions.

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Platform Science, a connected vehicle platform, and Paper Transport, a for-hire truckload carrier and provider of brokerage services, announced a new collaboration to bring Platform Science's innovative technology to Paper Transport's entire fleet. Platform Science's transportation solutions make it easier for fleets to develop, deploy, and manage mobile devices and applications on their vehicles.

Each Paper Transport truck will be equipped with a tablet to access Platform Science's technology platform and catalog of apps, providing powerful tools to enhance driver experience, and allowing Paper Transport's back office to tap into and capture real-time data to optimize operations.

Founded in 1990, From 1990 to 2001, PTI became a niche service provider for one of America’s largest shippers. It was also during this time that the company expanded its fleet from just 3 original trucks to over 100, servicing customers 99% on time to the minute. Since 2009, Paper Transport has grown from 240 trucks and 800 trailers to more than 875 trucks and 3,000 trailers today. 

"The team at Paper Transport is known for their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation," said Luke Wachtel, SVP of Transportation and Logistics at Platform Science. "We are proud to collaborate with Paper Transport to deliver the superior driver experience, efficiency boost, and flexibility they are striving for. Our unified, customizable platform will allow them to tailor the solutions they utilize as their needs evolve."

"We are excited to deploy Platform Science's innovative technology in our fleet," said Dan Deppeler, Vice President of Maintenance at Paper Transport. "Platform Science provides us an in-truck operating system that will prove to be more flexible and responsive to changing business needs and OEM integration.  A critical path forward for PTI is one that is focused on driver workflow.  Our singular goal is to utilize Platform Science connections with third-party developers to offer unique driver-based solutions. Life on the road demands a high degree of focus and attention, so making the tablet interaction frictionless will make a hard job a little bit easier."

Platform Science is expected to roll out to all of Paper Transport's trucks by the end of 2022.

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