-  Source: Work Truck/Canva

Source: Work Truck/Canva

Connecting directly with fleets and understanding their real-world issues is the top editorial goal at Work Truck. We know that while some challenges cross the board, many can be specific to each vocation. 

And no one knows the challenges and has already come up with several solutions like the industry itself. 

With those goals and challenges in mind, Work Truck would like to introduce the inaugural editorial advisory board serving during the 2022 and 2023 calendar years, created to help guide strategy and director our improvement.

These eight individuals cover a wide variety of vocational fleets and will help grow Work truck into the future. 

>>Check out the updated board for 2024-2025

Bob Adamsky  -

Bob Adamsky

Robert Adamsky

Corporate Fleet Manager
Area Wide Protective 

Vocation: Other/Traffic Services
Robert Adamsky has 25 years of fleet management experience, starting from the maintenance shop floor. He currently manages 6,500 assets at Area Wide Protective. A past Professional Fleet Manager of the Year award nominee by sister publication, Automotive Fleet, his strengths are maintenance management, utilization, and compliance standards.

Robert Auer  -

Robert Auer

Robert Auer 

Fleet Manager 

Vocation: Parcel Delivery
Robert Auer is a former Ford and ASE Master tech. He spent 23 years on the floor as a professional technician before going into management with UPS, where is now manages one of the largest Hubs in the company. Auer’s area consists of more than 55 techs, 350 tractors (both diesel and natural gas), 800 package cars, 55 yard spotters, and 1,000 trailers daily. 

Matt Betz  -

Matt Betz

Matt Betz 

Expert Fleet Optimization
Vocation: Utility 
Matthew Betz has more than 40 years of experience in the automotive fleet industry. Most of his expertise was developed while working for major fleet management companies or other companies that provide services to major fleets across North America. He was awarded NAFA’s Excellence in Education award in 2008.

For the past two years, Betz has worked as part of the DTE fleet management team where he leads the effort to electrify the DTE fleet.

Amy McAdams  -

Amy McAdams

Amy McAdams, CAFM

Fleet Manager
Farmer Brothers

Vocation: Food & Beverage
Amy McAdams has been in fleet for 12 years between ABM Industries (7.5 years, managing 5,000 assets); MORSCO (2.5 years, managing 1,500 assets); and now Farmer Brothers (2 years, managing 1,200 assets). She graduated from NAFA’s CAFM program in 2016.


Sandy Martin  -

Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin

Corporate Fleet Manager
Ram Tool Supply

Vocation: Construction
Sandy Martin began her career as an operations supervisor over fleet for a large ambulance service in the South. From there, she started an emergency fleet sales and service company and was the only ASE Blue Seal of Excellence private company in Alabama. After 15 years, she closed the business and began a career as fleet manager at a private company with a fleet that now services location with 850 trucks, 145 forklifts and 30 trailers. 

Pete Silva  -

Pete Silva

Pete Silva

Independent Consultant 
(Retired Fleet Executive)

Vocation: Environmental Liaison
Pete Silva is a retired fleet executive with more than 25 years in the industry having led major fleets such as PepsiCo, Aramark, and National Express. He currently consults in the fleet industry for nonprofit organizations promoting electrification of trucks and sub-contracts for consulting companies who are helping fleet’s procurement and operating efficiencies. Silva was award Fleet Executive of the Year in 2008 by sister publication, Fleet Financials.

Brian Thompson, Jr.   -

Brian Thompson, Jr. 

Brian Thompson Jr.

General Manager of Transportation
DTG Recycle

Vocation: Recyling
Brian Thompson Jr., has been with DTG Recycling since “Day 1” in 1999. He has have worked every aspect of the company over the past 22 years including general labor, driving, heavy equipment operation, dispatch, accounting/billing, HR, maintenance, sales management, and more. Thompson has cemented himself into the company’s transportation department. He enjoy the daily challenges and changes transportation has and strives to make his transportation department world class and to be as efficient as possible. 

Glenn Yamada  -

Glenn Yamada

Glenn Yamada

Fleet & Facilities Supervisor
Hawaii Gas

Vocation: Oil & Gas
Glenn Yamada’s current duties at Hawaii Gas include overseeing fleet maintenance operations, creating vehicle specifications, and  vehicle replacement purchasing coordination, as well as building repair coordination and maintenance operations. He has been with Hawaii Gas for 19 years. 

Editor's Note: This article will be updated as fleet sizes and general information change. Last updated April 8, 2022.

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