Brian Tabel, executive director of marketing for Isuzu, talked to Work Truck about the company’s 2022i N-Series diesel product, as well as the standard and optional safety features the vehicle touts.

Features Galore

Announced at the 2021 Work Truck Show, the completely refreshed vehicle comes standard with LED headlights, which Tabel stated customers have been asking for. These also make it easier to drive at night. A new color scheme inside the cab with some darker features, along with a new interior upholstery, complement the vehicle. Isuzu has added four-wheel disc brakes, as well as common pads, which, from a service aspect, means there’s no difference between both the front and rear brakes, making the vehicle easier to maintain.

Although not a visual change, Tabel says electronic vehicle stability control introduces a traction control as standard. An advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) system is available as an optional add-on. It includes an emergency braking and lane departure warning system. This system is adjustable by the driver.

Another advantage, especially for those in the refrigeration business or anyone that needs to tap into the fuel tank, is a new stainless steel fuel tank with auxiliary ports. This makes tapping into the fuel system much easier and safer. A larger fuel sedimenter with a standard heater and see-through body will make driver inspections easier as well.

Model Designation

Isuzu starts building its model year in January of the designated year. This year, 2021, it started building its 2022 diesel product. The “i” is to designate the interim, or the change, within the model year. This way, when people are looking at a vehicle, they can recognize the difference between the first 2022 and then the changes Isuzu has made since.

Ideal Vocational Match-Up

The 2022i N-Series diesel product is a truly capable truck with four overall medium-duty Class 4 and 5 models. The ideal vocations for this lineup include pickup and delivery, as well as middle- and final-mile. Final-mile delivery is an area that’s seen significant growth over the last few years, but more importantly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isuzu was the 2020 market leader in Class 5 U.S. retail sales with 10,892 units sold according to data from WardsAuto. Tabel said he believes this is because of a number of reasons.

“The area we've seen the most significant growth in is middle- and final-mile delivery, due in part to how groceries are being delivered today versus how they were before the e-commerce boom. People aren't going to traditional car dealers and buying their vehicles anymore; they're doing it online and the vehicle is being delivered to them, and it just so happens to be on an Isuzu chassis,” he said.

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