Fleet 101 Helps Educate New & Veteran Fleet Managers

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Fleet is a complex industry with constant change and advancement. From new fleet managers to seasoned veterans, there is always more to learn.

With that in mind, Work Truck has assembled a series of "Fleet 101" topics aimed to educate everyone on truck-specific fleet management key topics.

A few of the top articles are listed below, but bookmark this link to always have access to the latest and greatest educational articles on topics near and dear to your career. 

  • Do I Need a DOT Number? Whether you operate a small fleet of light-, medium-, or heavy-duty units, or are merely the owner of one truck wanting to ensure you adhere to the law, knowing if you can need a DOT number can be confusing.
  • How to Choose the Right PTO - Vocational fleets depend on a power take-off (PTO) to get their hardest jobs done efficiently. Choosing the right unit and maintaining this vital piece of equipment is essential.
  • How to Determine Tire Load Ratings - Tire load ratings must be followed when selecting a tire and wheel package. The tire must safely support a given amount of vehicle weight. If the load rating is insufficient, the tire may become overheated and can self destruct.
  • Video: Top Mistakes when Spec'ing Liftgates - Learn about the nine common mistakes made when spec'ing liftgates, why they're made, and how to avoid them in this Fleet 101 episode of Truck Chat.

Have an idea for a Fleet 101 topic that you'd like to read or that you would like to provide input on? Reach out and let us know. 

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