Freightliner this March will begin is offering the option to spec a heated hood-mounted swing...

Freightliner this March will begin is offering the option to spec a heated hood-mounted swing arm mirror on the M2.

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Freightliner has announced several recent and upcoming product offerings available for the company’s vocational trucks a virtual presentation at Work Truck Week 2021.

Those new offerings include updates from new interior options like seating upgrades for safety to exterior options like heated mirrors and component upgrades. The recent offerings are as follows:  

RollTek Seating on the M2, SD

In the second quarter of 2022, Freightliner will offer RollTek seating as an option on both the Freightliner M2 and SD product lines for enhance driver safety. The seating offerings comes with a 15-degree recline, mechanical lumbar and cushion extenders in multiple fabric and finish options.

Hendrickson’s Updated Suspension

Hendrickson has decided to sunset its legacy Haulmaax suspensions and replace them with the new Haulmaax EX. The updated suspension will be offered in both single and tandem configurations, and features upgrades to increase durability, Freightliner’s Grayson Kirksey said during a recorded video presentation.

Anti-Corrosion Fuel Tank Straps for Cold Climates

Freightliner introduced protective fuel tank straps for the rectangular fuels tanks on the M2 truck in response to drivers feedback asking for less corrosive components.

“With all the magnesium chloride on the roads today, we’ve had a lot of issues and complaints from drivers wanting better anti-corrosion properties on certain elements of their truck,” Kirksey said.

Freightliner redesigned the straps with 80 ksi steel and burred some of the metal so that the electro-zinc plating adheres better, creating a better option for fleets located in snowy areas where magnesium chloride is used on the roads to help prevent ice from forming.

Heated Swing Arm Hood Mirror

Earlier this year, Freightliner began offering hood-mounted swing-arm mirrors on the M2. This month, Freightliner is offering buyers the option to spec the swing-arm mirror with a heated element.


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