Bestpass, a fleet toll management solutions provider, released Cost Centers within its customer web portal to facilitate better fleet data management. A cost center is a department or other business unit to which costs may be charged for accounting or administrative purposes.

“Many of our commercial fleet customers want to break out their toll data by location, terminal, region, or some other division, and we make it easy to manage and securely access this data via our enhanced cost center functionality,” said Bestpass CEO Tom Fogarty. “We make it a priority to listen to our customers and deliver innovative solutions to help them more effectively run their business.”

Overall benefits of using Cost Centers, according to Bestpass, include:

  • Unlock more efficient accounting.
  • Localize account management.
  • Gain greater insight into overall operations.
  • Allocate all toll-related costs by business unit.
  • Enable terminal managers and other employees to manage their own data.
  • Update and view cost center data via powerful web portal.

Key features include of the cost center for commercial fleets include:

  • User roles: There are several user roles, so different contacts on the account can have different levels of access across the entire customer web portal, depending on what they need to do. The new roles are user management, cost center management, accounting, empower, and ordering.
  • Orders by cost center: Customers have the option to assign transponders to the appropriate cost center when placing an order.
  • Itemized cost center statements: Dynamic cost center management functionality includes the ability to generate dedicated statements for each cost center. Users can run cost center statements at any time within the Empower data and analytics section of the customer web portal.
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