PrePass Alerts give the driver information in the cab as they approach high-risk areas.

PrePass Alerts give the driver information in the cab as they approach high-risk areas.

Photo: PrePass Safety Alliance

The PrePass Safety Alliance announced that PrePass Alerts on the PrePass Motion weigh-station bypass app are now available across the lower 48, with nearly 2,800 notifications that appear in-cab.

Drivers receive PrePass Alerts as they approach known high-risk areas on the road. PrePass Safety Alliance works with the trucking industry and enforcement agencies to select Alert locations. 

With audio and visual notifications, PrePass Alerts warns truck drivers of steep grades, gusty winds, work zones, real-time incidents, traffic congestion, brake chain-up areas, and when there are no commercial roads. They also offer information on truck parking availability and rest areas.

These Alerts are included at no cost for users of the PrePass Motion app, available on Android and iOS devices and in-cab telematics systems. 

“This expansion of the Alerts system flows directly from our mission to make America’s highways safer and more efficient,” said Mark Doughty, president and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance, in a release. “We have doubled the number of alerts in just the last month, giving drivers vital information to keep them safe and on time as they travel down the road.”

PrePass Safety Alliance offers multiple bypass technology choices, with the traditional PrePass transponder for weigh station bypassing, or PrePass Motion, which works as a standalone app or in conjunction with the transponder.

PrePass launched its Alerts function in May 2019 with notifications for drivers approaching areas with high winds, steep grades, traffic work zones, and no commercial vehicle access roads. A few months later, in conjunction with a Colorado initiative to help prevent runaway trucks, it added runaway ramp locations. Earlier this year, it announced 1,000 new alerts.

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