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Incentive & Progressive Discipline Strategies

Incentive & Progressive Discipline Strategies

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Incentive & Progressive Discipline Strategies

You’ve set up what seems to be a dynamic fleet safety program. But time and time again a driver doesn’t respond to coaching, and training doesn’t seem to be doing the trick either. Management has gotten involved and it appears the driver is either refusing or is unable to change. How do you solve this problem? How do you change driver behavior when it seems nothing will work?

Read this guide book to discover:

  • A balance in driver engagement—going beyond just discipline.
  • How to encourage drivers through a recognition program.
  • Alternatives to disciplinary action to positively motivate drivers.
  • When and how to use disciplinary action to promote behavior change.

This balanced approach of engaging with drivers has proven to have a longer lasting impact on behavior change than by discipline alone—it changes not just behavior, but the attitude of the driver as well.

By Lytx