GreenRoad, a leader in driver performance management, today announced the recipients of the first annual Fleet Elite awards, recognizing the best fleet drivers on the road.

Fleet Elite status is awarded to GreenRoad drivers who maintain a GreenRoad Safety Score of 5 or less for the full 2012 calendar year, and log more than 500 GreenRoad driving hours. In 2012, less than 5% of the global GreenRoad driver base attained Fleet Elite status. More than 50% of the drivers were from U.S.-based companies.

Announced in February 2012, GreenRoad Fleet Elite is designed to recognize the best fleet drivers on the road, and provide internal motivation and recognition for best driver performance. Each Fleet Elite driver will receive a certificate and lapel pin to mark their achievement.

“Fleet Elite is designed to provide recognition that goes beyond company borders,” said Karen White, senior vice-president of customer solutions at GreenRoad. “Drivers from across the GreenRoad customer base are being recognized for superior performance and safe driving. And safe driving also means these drivers are maximizing their fuel efficiency and demonstrating superior eco-driving.”

GreenRoad Customers Honor Fleet Elite Drivers

Several GreenRoad customers are also honoring their Fleet Elite Drivers. Dupré Logistics, LLC, headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana is honoring its 2012 Fleet Elite drivers at the upcoming quarterly safety meeting where each person will be recognized.

Modern Transportation, a leading provider of bulk transportation and logistics solutions, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA., announced that 23 of its fleet drivers have attained Fleet Elite status.

“We are extremely proud of our Fleet Elite drivers,” said Tammy Evans, vice president of operations at Modern Transportation. “They’ve worked hard all year to achieve this exemplary status, and their safe driving has saved the company in insurance premiums, fuel costs and vehicle wear-and-tear. We extend our congratulations and thanks to each and every one of these fine drivers.”

GreenRoad Safety Score Background

GreenRoad unique, technology-based driver performance management service provides drivers with real-time, in-vehicle feedback every trip, every mile. At the start of every trip, a driver starts out “Green.” If a risky maneuver occurs, such as hard braking or rapid acceleration, the GreenRoad display flashes a yellow or red light, depending on the severity of the event. These risky events are tabulated to create a GreenRoad Safety Score.

A GreenRoad Safety Score is a rolling average of the last ten driving hours. GreenRoad considers a Safety Score of 20 or below safe or “Green” driving. Scores between 21 and 50 are moderately risky. Any driver with a score over 50 is considered a risky driver.

Safety events are broken into five major categories: Braking, Acceleration, Corner Handling, Lane Handling and Speeding. Driver behavior is measured using a sophisticated combination of a sensitive accelerometer, GPS data and advanced algorithms.

Fleet Elite Program Announced for 2013

GreenRoad also announced it will extend the Fleet Elite program into 2013. Fleet Elite qualification will remain the same, drivers must maintain a Safety Score of 5 or less for the complete year, with a minimum of 500 GreenRoad hours logged.

For more information on GreenRoad and Fleet Elite, please click here.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet