FORT MILL, SC - Three commercial locations from the former Tallmadge Tire dealer group in central New York have entered into a partnership and are selling ContiLifeCycle retreads produced by G&G Tire, according to Continental Tire the Americas, LLC’s Commercial Vehicle Tire Business Unit.
Principals at the independently owned Tallmadge Tire of Binghamton N.Y. Inc., Tallmadge Tire Service of Geneva, N.Y. Inc. and Tallmadge Tire Service of Cortland, N.Y. Inc. said they are distributing ContiTread retreaded truck tires produced at G&G Tire in Plattsburgh, N.Y., an official licensee of Continental’s ContiLifeCycle retreading process, as of summer 2012.
Kevin Bruno, owner of G&G Tire, said his plant converted to the ContiLifeCycle process in June. G&G now combines their 46 years of experience in retreading with excellent customer service from Continental in order to produce up to 20,000 ContiTreads annually.
“The transition has been very smooth,” said Bruno. “Because Continental offered a dedicated team, it only took a few days to set up the new process and equipment. We definitely have an advantage with Continental and have received positive feedback as far as mileage, traction and wear on the ContiTreads we produce.”
Fleets in New York familiar with Continental truck tires are now enjoying the same tread designs and performance through ContiTread retread sales at the three Tallmadge locations in central New York.
“We approached G&G Tire to be the manufacturer of the ContiTreads on our behalf, and we can now offer these retreads to our customers, along with Continental new truck tires,” explained Rich Damianos, vice president of Tallmadge Tire Service of Cortland.
The three dealers stated that Continental’s ContiLifeCycle products gave them distinct advantages in their market.
“This will set us apart from the other commercial tire dealers in the area, to offer these retreads that emulate our flagship Continental new tire line. I see this as a great advantage for our future and I’m very confident it will be a benefit to us,” said James Scheffer, general manager at Tallmadge Tire of Binghamton.
As the second oldest General Tire dealer group in the U.S., formed in 1932, the three independent Tallmadge Tire dealerships have a long history with Continental products and an extensive base of Continental truck tire customers, said Pete Ufholz, president of Tallmadge Tire Service of Geneva. This made for an easy transition to selling the ContiTreads, he explained.
“We have a significant base in Continental brand customers, who represent a large share of our commercial tire business. Because they know they have the right product in their new tires, with the ContiTreads, it is easy to show them that we can give them the exact footprint of the tire they have been running – now as a retread,” said Ufholz. “The response has been great.”
Market acceptance has been excellent and the product spoke for itself, Damianos added. “Our customers see the value in having the ContiLifeCycle products that match with the new tires. They’ve accepted them, tested them and are running them with performance equivalent to the new products, so it’s a great cost savings to them and a success for us,” he said.
“We are very pleased that our customers at these Tallmadge Tire commercial dealerships have joined the ContiLifeCycle family,” said Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president for truck tires, the Americas.