DURHAM, NC – A railroad trestle at Gregson and Peabody streets in Durham, N.C., has claimed an unprecedented number of fleet and other trucks over the years, earning it the ominous nickname the “Bridge of Death.”

With clearance of only 11 ft.-8 in., it can be a tight fit for even smaller commercial vehicles and clearly impossible for large heavy-duty trucks, but, though clearly marked (with a sign and flashing lights), commercial truck drivers seem more than willing to tempt fate and take their chances — often with spectacular and costly results (though, thankfully, with no human injuries other than a few bruised egos).

Durham local Jurgen Henn has been documenting the crashes and posting them to the web. According to his website, 11foot8.com, there is about one truck-decapitating crash per month. Typically the overheight warning lights are tripped almost daily. Henn routinely posts videos of the latest crashes.

To view a compendium of the costly effects of ignoring the clearly marked signs leading to the "Bridge of Death" click here.

Or watch the video below