TORRANCE, CA - Join us for a webinar, to be held Nov. 15, titled, "How Fleets Are Increasing MPG by as Much as 14% and Decreasing Collisions by 50%," sponsored by SmartDrive.

Panelists will include Jason Palmer, president, SmartDrive Systems, Inc.; Randy Sheltra, VP, safety, for Loomis; and Danny Pack, VP, risk management, for Loomis.

Today, trucking fleets are facing challenges of increasing safety regulations while battling increased fuel costs. SmartDrive Systems' research specific to the trucking industry has provided insight into the best opportunities for fleets to save significant amounts of fuel. Armed with this knowledge, SmartDrive has learned how to help fleets optimize driving performance for both fuel savings and safety, and reduce their carbon footprint, while extending vehicle life. This webcast features specific tips and techniques for reducing fuel use and lowering emissions that can result in annual savings of as much as $12,553 per vehicle.

Plus, we'll discuss:

  • 80 percent of fuel waste can be improved by "softer" driving.
  • Over 50% of collisions can be eliminated by better driving performance.
  • Real-time feedback to drivers accelerates results.

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