With on-site, certified mechanics, to service tractors, equipment and utility vehicles, maintenance is easy and hassle-free. John's Tractor Works & Equipment is highly committed to being available to its customers for whatever their needs may be.

Founded in 1985, as an agricultural service facility just east of rural Vinita, Okla., John’s Tractor Works & Equipment, Inc. has grown from a small, independent, local service provider into one of the area’s premier equipment suppliers. With more than 27 years in business, owners John and Julia Sellmeyer have remained committed to customer service and satisfaction, a business model that has not wavered over the years. John’s Tractor Works provides Northeast Oklahoma and the Grand Lake area with a wide range of high-quality tractors and farm equipment.

Being a small company, all business is personal and a priority. Unlike many dealerships where sales are the top focus, for John’s Tractor Works, customer service and satisfaction comes first. This means not only focusing on the initial sale, but also providing timely service and repairs thereafter. 

“We don’t just preach service, we practice it," said John Sellmeyer. “When a tractor is under warranty, it goes to the front of the line for service, regardless of the time of the year it goes down.  When customers have a new tractor, they have an expectation it will work.  We make sure that’s the case.  In the rare occasion that we can’t fix it we’ve been known to offer loaner tractors until we can get things sorted out.  In extreme cases we do what’s necessary to keep the customer happy and maintain their business.”

At John’s Tractor Works, services and product lines have increased over the years and continue to do so annually.  In 1997, the company transformed from being primarily a service facility for agricultural equipment to selling KIOTI tractors, stocking just 3 models at that time.  Two years later the business moved to a new location and KIOTI tractor sales tripled in the first year alone.  Fast forward to today, when the company sells, on average, 40-50 KIOTI tractors per year, making KIOTI the #1 selling tractor the company represents.  The DK40SE and the DK45SE are the two most popular models the dealership sells.  Two of the newest additions to their stock include the KIOTI MECHRON® UTV and the KIOTI CS2410 subcompact tractor. 

“Customers really like the features KIOTI tractors offer including the convenient placement of controls for the operator and the 3-point hitch on the rear,” states Sellmeyer.  “People like having many options to choose from and KIOTI gives them more choices than many other brands.”  Sellmeyer says his success with the KIOTI line is largely due to the desirable features and the availability of more models.  He anticipates growth continuing for KIOTI’s market share in Northeast Oklahoma and says customers come to him specifically looking for KIOTI products.  Sellmeyer believes the KIOTI name is recognized now more than ever. 

In recent years, the company has experienced notable growth and success and has made significant strides from the small company it once was.  Recently, John’s Tractor Works became a first time KIOTI Million Dollar Dealer, and was named a 5-PAW certified KIOTI dealer in both 2010 and 2011.  KIOTI dealers are named 5-PAW dealerships when they excel in customer satisfaction, issue resolution, sales, service and parts and facility appearance. 

“Everyone who steps foot into our dealership is personally greeted, and here, a handshake still matters.  We go to extremes to be there for our customers”, states Sellmeyer, “It is an honest commitment to our customers and their products that has brought us the success we have today.”

John’s Tractor Works has been a KIOTI dealer since 1997 and offers the full line of KIOTI tractors, UTV’s and implements for homeowners, farmers, hobby farmers, landscapers and a variety of other end users. For more information on John’s Tractor Works & Equipment, Inc. or KIOTI tractors and UTV’s in stock, please visit their website at www.johnstractorworks.com or call (918) 256-5774.