When Walter J. Somers and a few colleagues opened the first office in the Montreal region in 1952, they took the first steps on a new and unfamiliar path.

The three major phases of transformation and growth performance

Somers laid the company foundation during the 1950s and ‘60s. Emphasizing  ‘’total performance’’, Walter concentrated on bringing the best tools to Canada, the ones offering the best  productivity - first by importing them from Europe, then developing and manufacturing their own brand throughout the years.

Walter Surface Technologies headquarters.

Walter Surface Technologies headquarters. 


During the 1970s and ‘80s, Walter added another dimension to its company philosophy: work safety, for both its employees and its customers. This idea provided the grounds to establish new objectives for product development: Walter must create products that would not only improve productivity, but improve health and safety in the workplace as well.


Globalization and sustainable development

The 1990s and 2000s witnessed an ambitious international expansion program which began in 1989, when Pierre Somers succeeded his father as director of the company. The Walter Company quickly made an impact in the South American and European markets, as illustrated by notable increases in sales and profitability. The first environmentally-friendly “green products” (branded as Bio-Circle Environmental Solutions) were also launched at this time, long before the phrase “sustainable development” found its way into popular business usage.

Ready for tomorrow, today

Walter faithfully fosters its core corporate values. Increasing efficiency, accelerating cost reduction, and improving processes that favor the well-being of workers will drive all future technical innovations. Sustainable development is more than a priority – it clearly is an integral part of the company’s DNA – and will continue to guide Research & Development in the coming years.  

Walter’s new international headquarters and industrial center in Pointe-Claire, Quebec visually and in every sense exemplifies this. Built according to LEED standards, the complex is the ultimate expression of Walter’s commitment to sustainable development. This center was designed to follow the best engineering and management practices: optimized energy efficiency, ideal working conditions that favor the health and well-being of employees along with ultra-efficient logistics and warehouse systems. The new building serves as the world center for management and research. This is where Walter’s future will take shape – one innovation at a time.

Innovation at the core of Walter

Innovation is at the heart of Walter’s business - it drives the introduction of truly ground-breaking products and services as well as enabling swift responses to market requirements. Many Walter products are the fastest and most efficient in the market (Zipcut, Combo Zip, Coolcut XX, Enduro-Flex Turbo, Air Force, Bio-Rust, etc.) and are all designed to improve productivity and help Walter customers work better.