CONCORD, MA -  TomTom Business Solutions announced U.S. availability of TomTom ecoPLUS, a new add-on device that provides commercial fleets with an innovative and easy way to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle CO2 emissions. 

TomTom ecoPLUS provides real-time fuel consumption information directly to drivers and fleet owners, providing a continuous view of fuel consumption rates in relation to driving behaviors.  Using this information, drivers can instantly moderate their driving activity and reduce fuel usage. Fleet managers can coach, manage and incent effective and efficient driver behavior, realizing savings of up to 20 percent on fuel and maintenance costs. 

“We’ve taken a unique approach to saving fuel by empowering drivers to correlate their driving style to their fuel consumption. ecoPLUS allows drivers and fleet managers to work together to become more efficient and conserve fuel,” said Michael Geffroy, Vice President of Sales, TomTom Business Solutions.

Real time vehicle data provided by ecoPLUS to the TomTom WEBFLEET system includes: fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, RPM, gear, and idling.  Visibility into all of these factors allows fleet managers to view performance at any time. The WEBFLEET dashboard and reporting functionality help measure performance against targets set.

TomTom ecoPLUS forms a part of the WORKsmart-Eco solution that helps businesses to optimize vehicle utilization and encourage eco-friendly driving behavior, thus reducing both distance travelled and fuel consumption. ecoPLUS uses information available from the vehicle and sends it via Bluetooth to the in-car TomTom LINK 510, which instantly relays the information to fleet managers using TomTom WEBFLEET. 

The ecoPLUS is compatible with the LINK310 and the new LINK 510.  Both products are the heart of TomTom’s in-cab hardware providing flexible add-on capabilities via its Bluetooth interfaces.

These capabilities include connectivity of PRO series Navigation devices for job dispatch management and “active driver feedback”, and supports TomTom’s “Remote LINK Working Time” product designed to track the working hours of individuals and groups traveling in company cars, trucks and vans.