SANTA CLARA, CA – EVAOS, Inc. announced the company’s Fall Green Fleet Demo Tour in California. EVAOS will be demonstrating its capabilities by allowing fleet operators to test drive a class-2 truck, specifically a Ford F-150, that has been equipped with the company’s proprietary architecture which retains the OEM engine and transmission. The EVAOS system adds 302 hp and 285 lb.-ft. of torque to Ford’s entry level 3.7L V6 engine, according to the company.

“Every day commercial and government fleets are challenged to reduce operating costs while striving to meet state and federal mandated emissions targets,” said Don Matheson, EVAOS founder and CEO. “Our multi-mode electric vehicle add-on system provides operator selectable drive modes designed to address specific fleet vehicle operational requirements.”

Depending on the fleet operator’s specific needs on a given route, a driver can select from a variety of modes which include: Hybrid Mode (45 mpg/highway), EV Mode (40 mile all-electric range) or internal combustion engine (simply drive in gasoline or diesel engine mode). In hybrid mode, the EVAOS-enabled F-150 demo vehicle delivers over 500 hp and over 550 lb.-ft. torque, providing a tremendous increase in power and towing capabilities when needed, according to the company. The ability to “drive home” in internal combustion engine Mode helps to eliminate range anxiety.

The EVAOS Green Fleet Demo Tour will be on the road now through November.