PENDLETON, IN – Remy International, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of starters, alternators, and electric traction and hybrid motors, announced the completion of a project with Benteler Engineering to develop a progressive concept heavy-duty hybrid truck for MAN. The vehicle, the Metropolis, will use Remy's HVH410 electric traction motor and generator.

MAN, a European transport-related engineering company, enlisted Benteler as the system integrator for the Metropolis, which will be presented at the IAA 2012 Commercial Vehicles Motor Show, September 20-27, in Hannover, Germany. The Metropolis is capable of performing heavy-duty transport tasks, such as refuse collection, without emissions and almost completely without noise. A lithium-ion battery drives the HVH410 electric motor, with additional power and range extension supplied by an efficient diesel engine and HVH410 generator.

"Our HVH410 motors are the perfect fit in this application," said Kevin Quinn, Remy Electric Motors VP/general manager. "The motors deliver tremendous power and torque, which is what you need in heavy-duty trucks. It is also quiet, which is especially important in urban environments. Partnering with Benteler Engineering is a great opportunity for us to show how Remy electric motors can help meet the growing worldwide demand for sustainable urban vehicles."