NASHVILLE - Founded in 2004, First Call Ambulance has seen tremendous growth in Tennessee, expanding to six cities across the entire state, while still maintaining leading edge equipment and providing exceptional care and service. In an effort to keep its equipment and processes up-to-date, First Call is adopting Traumasoft's Connected solutions as a significant part of its day-to-day and long-term operational processes.

Within the EMS industry it is common for organizations to run multiple software solutions for its various functions. Organizations use one for Human Resources, one for Scheduling and another for Patient Charting and yet still another for Dispatch and GPS. This fragmentation often results in multi-platform knowledge shortages, high cost of maintenance, and incompatible data. Furthermore, these disconnected systems tend to be the main culprits of inconsistent data and benchmarks, depriving managers and owners of the key resource indicators to improving their operations.

“Like many healthcare providers generally, and EMS providers specifically, First Call has historically utilized a web of disparate operating and administrative information systems. Some of these systems were developed specifically for healthcare applications, many where not. Some systems ‘spoke’ to each other electronically, most did not. In reviewing our go forward options, Traumasoft’s platform offered the most comprehensive suite of products, all of which communicate seamlessly,” said Joshua Jarrett, Chief Financial Officer for First Call Ambulance.

Over the course of 9 months First Call Ambulance Service reviewed about 30 systems providers. Potential systems were evaluated based on cost, implementation time, and system infrastructure. Of the 30 reviewed systems, they found that many provided a key point solution, but did not integrate with each other or provide a total operations solution.

Traumasoft's connected solution uses a standardized integrated data set, shared throughout the solution.  Managers and owners can report on the data collected and subsequently, analyze and change business operations, ultimately leading to improved service and care.

First Call's 9 month system review concluded that the efficiencies of the Traumasoft solution over First Calls current Solutions will result in:

  • 12 minutes saved on a typical one hour transport.
  • 4 minutes saved in transport ordering.
  • 3 minutes saved in CAD assigning an ambulance.
  • 5 minutes saved in CAD transmitting destination information and directions to field crew.

Joshua Jarrett adds, “Additionally, Traumasoft’s engineers have built a variety of innovative, client-facing communication tools, eliminating some of the hassles and inefficiencies for our healthcare facility customers.  All of their products were developed by clinically trained EMS professionals, and it shows.”

Since 2004, First Call has grown to a 604 employee private ambulance company with a fleet of over 110 ambulances, 10 wheelchair vans, and 20+ support vehicles. These vehicles provide transport services to hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and agencies across Tennessee and Mississippi.  First Call bases its services on knowledge, training, and technology so it’s essential that these systems are up-to-date at all times, allowing them to provide quality care year-round.