Webtech Wireless Inc., a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services and telematics technology, today announces that its InterFleet division has released its new Asset Watcher. Responding to the need for a way to monitor and track low-use mobile assets (such as trailers and generators), the Asset Watcher is a low-cost solution that utilizes GPS/AVL technology to secure assets from theft and unauthorized use.

Karen Mongelli, VP sales government and account management, describes the growing market for devices, particularly the Asset Watcher, which can be set to report automatically with a record transmission as frequent as once every five minutes. "With two types of reporting (time-based and motion reporting), we can provide security for all kinds of situations, including automated record reports every 12, 24 or 48 hours, or at a specific time of day (such as 3 a.m.), or simply send an alert every five minutes if movement is detected," Mongelli says.

The small size and non-descript appearance of the Asset Watcher means it can be installed covertly on any piece of equipment. With no need for an external antenna, power source or connection wires, it can be installed by maintenance personnel in minutes. The Asset Watcher is ideal for trailers, generators, cranes, and other large and expensive pieces of equipment.

Scott Edmonds, president and CEO of Webtech Wireless, also points out the strategic value beyond security and theft reduction. "The Asset Watcher is invaluable to a company's profitability because it can track expensive mobile assets for billing purposes too. Using the Asset Watcher, a company can track an asset on a client's site and invoice for time used," Edmonds says.

Webtech Wireless Inc. serves customers of all sizes in the transport, government, service, insurance and OEM markets in more than 41 countries, and is based in Vancouver.