VENTURA, CA – Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc., a cleantech emissions control company, has partnered with American Infrastructure Leasing (AIL), a provider of leases for aftermarket trucking equipment in North America, to offer leasing solutions for Clean Diesel's ECS-branded diesel particulate filter (DPF) retrofit solutions to vehicle fleet owners and operators across North America. Under this exclusive program, AIL will provide the capital, which is expected to enable qualified trucking fleets to acquire Clean Diesel retrofit solutions, on terms that are convenient and financially attractive to their businesses, according to the leasing company.

"Mandated emission reduction programs require fleet owners to replace or retrofit vehicles by certain deadlines, such as the California Air Resource Board's Truck and Bus Regulation [whose] deadlines begin in 2012. The requirement to retrofit one to several vehicles often results in the need for our customers to reprioritize their capital and financing needs, and this can become a burden for them. We believe that this exclusive financing option, offered by our partner AIL, will provide qualified customers the ability to better manage within their budgetary constraints. We consider AIL an ideal partner given their experience and reputation with truck fleet customers and we are pleased to be the first and only company, we believe, to offer a DPF retrofit leasing program for truck owners in California," said Lyndon Smith, Clean Diesel's vice president and general manager.

Under the program, AIL will provide equipment leasing options for the full range of DPF retrofit solutions available from Clean Diesel and Clean Diesel's licensed distribution partners. More information on the financing program will soon be available at