AUBURN HILLS, MI – ALTe Powertrain Technologies, developer of a range-extended plug-in electric hybrid powertrain for light commercial fleet vehicle applications, and Club Assist, a supplier of mobile, car electric, and road services to motoring clubs worldwide, announced a joint development project to study ALTe's powertrain technology in Club Assist's fleet.

Club Assist will initiate the joint development project by taking possession of an ALTe-converted Ford F-150 truck for everyday fleet duties. The testing will take place in Illinois at Club Assist's Chicago location. Once completed, the project will provide invaluable information and feedback to ALTe and will allow Club Assist to generate road-tested metrics on plug-in electric hybrid benefits such as fuel savings, the cost analysis of a retrofit conversion, and overall vehicle performance.

"ALTe is excited to announce this collaboration that will deliver next-generation powertrain hybridization solutions to existing fleets. In so doing, we will drive economic returns for fleet owners and customers, generate massive reductions in gasoline use and contribute to global energy security and environmental stewardship," said John Thomas, CEO and co-founder of ALTe. "The feedback they will provide will help us improve our technology further and gain a better understanding of the real-world use that this fleet vehicle application will undergo."

Club Assist's core business is the supply of automotive batteries, battery testing equipment, automotive glass, alternators, starter motors, marketing programs and collateral, and training to motoring clubs and their members around the globe. According to ALTe, the project collaboration with it will allow Club Assist the opportunity to participate in the development of an optimal series electric hybrid powertrain system that will support Club Assist’s operating and sustainability objectives.

Club Assist is a member of ALTe's customer advisory board, established in May 2011. The advisory board consists of many of U.S. corporate fleets and is designed to help ALTe address important industry needs as the company prepares to deploy their range-extended electric powertrain into light and medium-size trucks, vans, and buses early next year.